Thursday, March 14, 2013

Digital and the Case of the Incorporated Security Hosting Specialists Inc., LLC

This is all a placeholder for now. Will update with more information in the near future.

Chris "Digital" Gravenstein

Owner of,,,,, and many more completely legitimate and professional hosting "companies"/botnet C&Cs.

root@vps105299# rm -rf /*
root@vps105299# kill -9 -1

Sounds legit


  1. Man, i just read your posts, do you actually "hack" them ? I was laughing all the time. Good job what ever you actually do.

    1. I gain administrative access to their servers and their accounts. Call it whatever you like.

  2. Come on skidlist, where have you been? You have to release another exposure soon or else i'll become bored out of my mind :P

  3. This history in the making keep this up until u get every skid in the world

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